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Surviving cancer is possible – but not without research, and not without


Entente Cordiale Gaillacoise is a Gaillac-based (81) association that was founded with the single aim of raising money for cancer research at the Claudius Regaud Institute, Toulouse.  Every €Euro raised by us is given to the Centre, and every centime is used by them in fundamental research into the causes of, and treatments for, cancer.  

The association was started in 2004 by Clare Pont and Cathy Parisi, two good friends who decided that their shared experience of cancer in their families, and their cross-cultural friendship, could serve a useful purpose.  

They quickly established a group of French and British people who shared their belief that to beat cancer, research must be encouraged and funded - and that they could do something about required funding.  Entente Cordiale Gaillacoise was the result.  

Since then, our group of enthusiastic British and French colleagues have held unique and increasingly adventurous events each year, culminating in a magnificent Soiree Musicale each February, which this year (2015) raised over €9,500 in tickets and donations.  A Garden Party in June, in the glorious gardens of Sylvie and Henri Bouissou near Rabastens, a book fair, and a Christmas Fair in December, are also staples of the Entente Cordiale Gaillacoise calendar!